Sunday, June 20, 2010


this dog is an expert napper and boy do I love to cuddle with her.. ;]

Hello all.. hope you all truly had a wonderful weekend, I am actually looking forward getting the week started tomorrow. I know, I must be coming down with something? No.. actually just can't wait for vacation and I guess the sooner we get the next week started, the sooner vacation is upon us!

This was a fairly good weekend for us.. a bit of lounging, bit of working, bit of loving, and a lot of laughing! We've also come to a crossroads in our ideas about food.. we are joining the flexitarian movement with heavy vegetarian influence.. just really trying to do our best to eat healthy, thoughtful and yet still satisfying those cravings.. it's a work in progress really.

mmm.. I really do love tofu.. esp when it's marinated in mae ploy, liquid smoke & soy sauce and then crisped up with panko and paired with a wonderfully cold, spicy noodle salad! really loving baby cucumbers and cilantro these fresh, so summer..!

if you havent tried WASA, do yourself a favor and grab a box.. it is such a good, crunchy treat paired with ANY number of toppings. it was especially good with natural peanut butter and banana and a tall glass of ice cold almond milk.

A good food weekend I'd say! (some misc bbq, mac and cheese and chocolate stuff unpictured)

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