Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The world is moving at a rapid pace around me and yet at times feels so painfully still. Work has been crazier than usual.. feels a little strange as of late, I feel like I'm doing more and feeling like I have at least 16 plates in the air all at once..I do feel more confident than usual but something odd is lurking.. haven't pinpointed whether it's my mind wandering or something a little more concrete..

In more exciting news, we've officially booked our vacation for this year, we hadn't really even planned out taking one and it just kind of happened... we are going back to the same cabin in the woods we stayed at last year. We were extremely fond of it and it's surroundings so it seemed rather fitting to trek back up there again... except this year we are bringing along the furbaby and this year we ARE NOT loosing all of our photos. Somehow... we misplaced the s card we had ALL of the photos on....downright painful for a photographer!

Vegetarian lifestyle is going wonderful... I got to tell you, I truly don't know why but this time around, it's so much much more welcomed and we are both at total ease with meal preparations..

bean tostadas w/ chili con queso

open face garden patch sandwich

simple pasta w/ vegetable & shrimp


Mary said...

Everything here looks delightful. No wonder that you're not having trouble with the change in your diet. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

-bcgw. said...

Mary.. thank you so much, we're really trying and may strive for more of a flexitarian approach but enjoying it either way ;]

-bcgw. said...
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