Sunday, June 27, 2010

Country Living.

I love nature's affect's on things.. true beauty.

Cant really tell you why but I truly love this shot... I just love misc earth that this shed is holding up.

there is a dog toy in every room in my house...

my Mom used to have a really pretty leaf drive way but hasn't had much time or energy with her current job so as this isn't as pretty as hers use to be, I tried to make a more uniform drive and I thought it pretty cool & green of myself to "make" it out of yard leaves.. heh ;]

peering out the cattle gate.. (no cattle, just the gate)

I hijacked this little beauty and it's now happily sunning on my porch.. (thanks, Mom..)

My Mom lives in the sticks so it's always a pleasure to go see her.. for the obvious reasons and then for a chance to drive awaaaay from the city into the country. I desperately want to reside in the country so any chance I get to go up, I take it.. natural beauty can be found out there and there is truly nothing better for a photographer.. well, unless you like photographing modern structure I guess?

I had a really good time.. I helped her plant a small garden, gave her puppies a bath, re-did her driveway and raked up some of her yard... haven't raked in a while (haven't had a yard in a while, dumb apartments...grr), my thumbs aren't so happy with me!

Going up there makes me even more excited for our vacation.. (to the country..hehe) I can't wait to click away up there!

This is Izzy.. possibly the cutest and loveable little creature EVER.. (boxer/bulldog mix) I love her ALMOST as much as my furbaby.. she is so timid yet so silly and gentle, my Mom rescued her a couple months ago after her furbaby passed on and what a little blessing this dog is.. I'd dognap her any day if she wasn't my Mom's.. no, seriously.

This is Sarge.. my Mom's other dog, a deaf, quirky, Australian Shepherd...he is fairly crazy and likes to run speed laps around the house but is equally gentle and sweet.


Sarahs MoM said...

Love the photos :) I see a delapidated old shed.You see something old with character.That is great :) Can't wait for the next day of this time!

Danelle said...

I'll be looking at my backyard through completely different eyes now.

cindy* said...

i love these! especially the ones of the shed and of husband and i have an australian sheperd named jezebelwho is a lot quirky too :)

mr. and mrs. said...

Mom.. glad you liked them so much, I cant wait for more planting too!

Danelle..I hope thats a good thing :]

Cindy.. Thank you so much. They are fun arent they?;]