Saturday, May 01, 2010


That's the time I was up this morning, and 20 short minutes after that heading to the pool with Boy.. got in a little sun, some laps and some hot tub time before he had to leave for work...I almost went back to bed and most likely would have stayed for who knows how long, something about an almost dry bathing suit, being wrapped up tight in your towel and lots of pillows and blankets to snuggle in... aaah it could have been good. But alas, Saturday is MY cleaning day, sure I clean pretty much daily throughout the week but Saturday is my git down to it day...I wipe the cabinets, the baseboards and I even scrub the front porch. It only feels right to "start" the weekend with a fresh, clean slate.

After all of that, with laundry to go still, I was starting to hear a rumble in my stomach...I decided to make a grilled veggie wrap and it ended up tasting very similar to the awesome vegetable sandwich at Mimi's, win! ;]
mexican squash, cherry tomatoes & red onions meet salt & pep, olive oil, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a quarter teaspoon of mashed garlic

everybody on the grill

place all on wrap, I added jalapeno jack and russian dressing. (sorry for the bad photos;/)

brown on the grill, you can leave out any kind of oil to brown a wrap up as long as you have grill pan screaming hot, you will only need to set the wrap in for a few seconds on each side. enjoy.

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Chef E said...

You can make housework seem so artistic, I have been meaning to tell you that- then reward me with a taco :)

I am glad you have not disappeared, I enjoy your photos and the food!