Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wow & Bad.

Ok, first.. I JUST realized this is my 100th post... wooooop ;]

Ok, secondly, I've been a very bad blogger and I am sorry but it's been work, and work, and fun times with family, and work, and photography and gardens, and dog rescue visiting (insert many hours of back and forth driving) and work, and computer/internet issues and some rough times (minor) and work and trying to cram the gym in there somewhere and I am sometimes just lazy and unmotivated and I am sorry...

Wow... 100 posts... Kinda sad THIS is my 100th but hey, it sums me up.. scatterbrained and happily ALL over the place minorly lazy go getter crazy mess of a girl.

I think I'll celebrate like so..

Downpour <3


Siri said...

Congrats! I think I wrote my 100th post about cheese or something. Totally not worthy.

-bcgw. said...

Siri... haha, thanks! Your witty charm is contagious, love it! ;]