Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wow. (Long)

my sprucing of our entry way ;]

cute little guy

Wow, what a week...and I mean that in the best possible way!

Boy totally dived head first into his new job which he doing absolutely amazing at and seemingly climbing the ladder at a neck breaking speed, he is so talented and I am so happy to finally see his creative flow running and him being respected mentally, financially and personally as the great chef that he is, it truly warms my heart.

My work week was a bit of a bender - not only did it seem like 3 weeks wrapped into one but it was my week to make mistakes apparently, seemed like every time I turned around I came across some silly error I shouldn't be making anymore, made for an unnecessarily stressful week but I was able to keep a smile on and learn from my mistakes all the way to the end.

We bought a second car! This is the first time we have both had cars at the same time, wow...not sure how we made it work before now (but we sure as hell did!). I don't think we will ever downsize to just one car ever again, unless we live in some ridiculous metro. It's an older, little two door puddle jumper and shes all mine! The lady we bought it from took ridiculous care of it and so far it's been an absolute fantastic car for me until we have leveled off financially to buy a newer car for me, and the best part? She's ALL paid for!

As you can see, I had quite the week and am grateful for every single moment of it.... good, bad or otherwise! ;]

totally stocked for $112.00

On another note, I had a fantastic day today, got some much done, so so much.. Some of this included going to the grocery store and the vegetable market. I am in between happiness with my grocery locale, stores like Whole Foods are out of the question because of outrageous prices and snobby atmospheres, stores like Sav-A-Lot are out of question because of the total lack of natural and organic foods... we've tried Publix, we've tried Target Superstore, we've tried Walmart Superstore (at the minimum, always entertaining folks there)... there never seems to be a middle between good quality choice products, clean stores, no attitude and not bottom of the barrel, until TODAY! I shopped at SweetBay market today with no real idea in mind of what to expect.. I shopped at SweetBay a few years back and wasn't so impressed but it was young on the market at that point and everyone needs time to work out the kinks and work them out they far, a perfect grocery store in my mind.. not to far from home, extremely clean store, not overly sprawling, huge choice of organic, natural and otherwise snobbish food (hah..) not to mention, organic choices on each individual aisle.. I bought a cart full of groceries ranging from beer to salsa to eggs to organic chicken to tortillas and I cleared with only spending $75.00! That's right.. essentially the weeks groceries for 75 bucks! I couldn't believe it... every time we use to walk into Target (our old standby) I use to mentally sigh because I automatically knew it would be at a minimum 100.00 off the bat... (I was never wrong...) I also hit up a new vegetable market which equally blew my socks off, huge cheese/meat choices, huge ethnic choices, huge fruit vegetable I cleared the whole day $112.00......that's what I'm talking about!


sweetlife said...

Congrats to your car love it!! wow great deal on groceries...I hate my grocery bill...


Sarah said...

Tell your husband congrats on finding a fufilling culinary career!(not a small feat)
Congrats on your new car and finding a reasonable grocer.(trader joe's and Henry's are my favorite in
Thank you for visiting, I love your site and have added it to my webpage if that is ok!?

-bcgw. said...

sweet.. thanks girl ;] and I use to but there are so many ways to improve on it!

sarah.. nice to meet you, im a sarah too ;] thanks, he is so happy where he is now, and so am I! of course its ok, thanks so much! :)

Jessica said...

We have that issue here in the midwest also. We're two hours from Whole Foods/Traders and most of that stuff isn't within our weekly budget but we also don't like going to Wal-Mart (except for the entertainment) and we only have a regular Target. We do pretty well, but there isn't a lot of competition for sure.

Love your blog, look forward to reading more in the future!