Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thisa Way.

not taken today, but not something I had shared yet, I remember sitting on the beach near the coast that day, I was in my pajamas actually having a pretty rotten day and yet managed to capture beauty.

also not taken today, I captured this while at Serenbe a few years back and for whatever silly reason hadnt even edited it until a few weeks ago, loving it so much now, reminds me of summer..

todays random find, home.

todays random find, home.

todays random and currently one of my favorite photos of her ever.

A day of mild boredom lends to random photography which can turn out so good, I just love those unintended moments, the effortless tries... ;]
Mmmk, now off to make bbq'd wings and my feta potato salad.
"...keep me where the light is" :john mayer


sweetlife said...

I simply love the first shot...


Fashion Meets Food said...

beautiful pictures!