Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm sorry I've been distant this week, it's been another very hectic one, one of my goals is to set aside a little more time for my bloggy, I know it's not a "must" but I feel committed to it and really do enjoy it..

Ever since Spring has really shown it's face here, I have been pining to get out there and shoot some of it's offerings, of course I always notice the prettiest fields or trees as I'm driving to work or on an errand, without camera!

Today though... I took some time for me and my camera, took a trip down to Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg... I've always wanted to go there, even tolerated the idea of having my wedding there when that idea was on the brain (we didn't have a wedding, and thank goodness, weddings look way to stressful, way way to expensive to achieve the same goal, imo). Anywho, it really is a very beautiful place situated in an arts/historic district of St. Pete, it's a great strip of new shops and eateries meet old world, nice little piece of road I must say.

Here's what I found inside the gardens, I should have written down what each flower/plant was but I cant juggle that many things at once when Im trying to relax ;]

this guy actually scared the hell out of me, I was kneeling down next to this pond shooting a waterfall and didnt even notice the fish and he just popped right up and he was huge! anyway, love this photo as he kind of looks like hes swimming in the sky...

this gorgeous leaf was part of a pretty plain looking plant situated to a trellis type underpass on one of the paths, I happen to notice it and was taken by it's breathtaking natural beauty..I did get a weird look for petting this leaf...

loved this little frilly flower, she danced in the wind.

i literally wanted to dig up this little tree and stick it in my trunk, it was only about as tall as me and mildly bushy with these cute little yellow buds on it... loved it.

dessert flowers <3

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