Friday, March 26, 2010


I didn't really have anything to "write" Happy Bday with so I wrote his initial in sparkling sprinkles ;]

Sorry I haven't been around much this week.. Boy started a new job and we have had to make some different arrangements for our one car situation (working on car 2..) not to mention work has been extra hectic and chaotic and by the time I'm home, have figured out a dinner idea, started making it and take a shower, I'm pooped! Boy's birthday was also this week so we took some time to celebrate!

I decided to make him a cake, which I am very amateur at, mostly because I try to use soy milk, soy butter, egg substitutes, god knows what else, my cakes never seem up to par... This time, I said screw it for the most part and went whole fat ;] well, except for some of the gluten free icing I mixed in with cream cheese..

I made a chocolate espresso rum cake with cream cheese heath bar icing...mmmm...mmm..mmmmmmmm... did I mention mmm? Not to mention, it turned out fantastic! It's a little cake but I made it in one of my tall pans and was so worried it might get too dry on the outside and raw in the middle but no, it turned out so airy and beautiful! Proud of my lil' self!


Ashleigh said...

I passed an award on to you and your cute blog. Just so you know.

-bcgw. said...

You did? Ooooo ;] Thank you!!!!!