Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ah... glorious Thursday, only one more day and we are officially on weekend time boys and girls. This has been a wild week in terms of work load but it has gone pretty quickly and even more importantly, smoothly.

On another note, as I prepared dinner tonight, I had an idea in mind, I want a wrap, a chicken burrito style (not pictured), fresh ingredients ya know? Bean salsa, grilled onions, rice, fresh tomatoes...yes, and I got that down to a T....but what to have with it? I paced back and forth between the pantry and fridge...what to have....what to have? Green beans? Eh.. Broccoli?Nah.. More rice? Nooo.. Hmm...sweet potatoes.. yes, spicy, hot sweet potatoes. With that I grabbed the cayenne pepper, tequila, cinnamon, maple syrup, bread crumbs, s&p and tossed all ingredients in a bowl a turn or two. Less than a teaspoon on the tequila. I also fried up a half piece of bacon and tossed it in, baked at 350 about 15 minutes then broiled for about 5, it was divine... a nice heat with a bit of sweetness and matched the fresh burrito perfectly! Wasn't too bad with the margaritas we whipped up either ;]

On a quick annoyed note, as my chef husband was flipping thru our newest Jan/Feb Food Network magazine, I was in the bedroom folding laundry and heard many a loud explicits and repetitive hand to table banging.. He says "Look at this, I mean, REALLY look at this! WTF!" and shoves the magazine in my face. Please turn to page 48 class and read "Fast Food Fix" prepared to pick up your jaw from the floor. I had flipped thru the magazine prior to my husband in the night and saw this but thought it was more of a "Instead of eating fast food garbage, make this and it will be just as good and pertain some of the elements you might seek from fast food." folks, this piece, by Elle Kreiger (wow, Elle, really?) shows you how concoct recipes OUT OF FAST FOOD...yes, literally, go buy a big mac, scrap some of it into a bowl, add additional ingredients and voila, your fast food craving has been quenched. WHAT?!?!?! I have to say.. I am literally shocked to read this... I thought more of you Food Network, I really did.


Lo said...

That definitely sounds good. We're big fans of the sweet potato fry at our house... and sometimes we even throw the fruits of our labor right INTO the burrito. Totally yum.

-bcgw. said...

Well, this sweet potato isn't a fry, just stuck under the broiler for a few, the only crunch came from the bacon BUT I do love a good basket of sweet potato fries AND I will try your sweet potatoes in burrito next go 'round! ;]