Sunday, January 17, 2010


old stone drinking fountain..I found it to be incredibly beautiful with leaves floating at it's surface, with the color of the stone, the silver bowl and water it looked like it could be a portal into another world, another time.. it was just that beautiful...for that moment.

the leaves and moss bathe.

if you crank the lever, the water spills graciously out over the stones

a gorgeous fallen leaf in the lake

nature.. as is.

So far, it's been a slow, relaxing weekend.. the way it should be right? Yesterday I woke up pretty early and was determined to go snap a few photos. I love taking nature photos almost as much or dare I say more than food... it's just SO fresh, so real and well damn, the lighting is perfection. I have to say, I do mope a bit when it comes to taking nature pics in Florida, it's just not as photogenic as a lush forest, a winter snow, a stunning mountain or any waterscapes that can be found in any of the previously mentioned settings. Although, here I am... back in FL and must make the most of it which made me realize something yesterday. Agreed I DO LOVE taking photos of amazing landscape.. the little finds, the little gems you find along the way to photograph is the most rewarding... something you didn't have to arrange or set up, nature as your backdrop..nature as is. Those pictures really stand out for me, they really mean something...they make me smile without warning...

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