Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Culinary Blog Meme.

Ran across this the other day and thought it was pretty cool. Enjoy? ;]

Boy Chef:

Girl Wonder:

Meme Us:

1. On your blog, are you the chef?the writer?the photographer or all of the above?
Boy: I am Chef. MY wonderful wife S. does the rest.
Girl: Mostly photographer, write, editor, etc but I do contribute my own culinary creations as well.
2. How did you come up with the name for your blog?
Boy: I did no such thing, all S's idea.
Girl: Because it really represents who we are, Boy is a phenomenal aspiring chef, professionally and in home, and me well, just ask Boy..I am full of wonder, I am like a child with the small, silly, beautiful things in life.
3. What's your favorite post to date?
Boy: I have many, but definitely chill would have to be one of those that strikes at the right spot.
Girl: Bleu Sky, for a few reasons, I love the photos from that day, I remember that morning, how it felt, it was so calm, so fun, so perfect...we were in love with the blueberry pancake recipe we found, the pancakes turned out expertly fluffy and tasty and we were vacation planning, what else could be better?
4. You knew we'd ask - What's your favorite food?
Boy: A nice loaf of French crusty bread, great cheeses and charcuterie. done deal.
Girl: ANYTHING Mexican...again, ask Boy, I attempt to coherse him to make some sort of enchilada or taco or chimmichanga or tostada or burrito every night..Im in love with Mexican food.
5. What's your least favorite food?
Boy: Something I don’t eat. fast food.
Girl: Hmm... I really detest lentils and usually turn my nose up at the dishes where they can be found, it's really one of the only things I really shutter at the thought of...that and flan, eek.
6. Chocolate is best in: Mousse?Coffee?Cake?Mole?
Boy: Never had the experience of a true 'mole' sauce, therefore I wouldn't know. Have you had "Chocolat Fondant" that is my answer.
Girl: A perfectly executed over the top chocolate cake is up my alley all day.
7. Favorite vegetable to cook with?
Boy: Onion. Lost without it.
Girl: Tomato, I really love adding roasted tomatoes to sooo many dishes.
8. Favorite vegetable to eat raw?
Boy: Peppers.
Girl: Cucumber
9. Finish this sentence..."I should eat more of______and less of_____".
Boy: you serious? I love to eat....screw it.
Girl: ...more of fruit and less of carbs.
10. New favorite food product find.
Boy: Ajvar.... don’t ask! Just go and buy it.
Girl: Ditto on the Ajvar!!
11. Finish this sentence...."I wish I had a________ in my kitchen".
Boy: 8 Burner Gas Stove / + new 300x300 space!
Girl: Integrated flat top grill.
12. Cheese is best in: Sandwich? Pasta dish? Dessert?
Boy: just as. <--- cheese aholic. but don’t serve me 'store brands' I prefer Cabot, home-made, farmers, feta [made in shop]
Girl: Love love love sandwiches sooo......
13. Favorite milk based product?
Boy: Butter.
Girl: Tie between sour cream and ranch dressing.
14. What do you post more of on your blog? (i.e. sweets?indian dishes?sandwiches?local restaurant reviews?)
Boy: home-made / in-house / with-love food.
Girl: Actually a nice mix of all including my own non-food photography and life's events.
15. What is something you'd like to do more of with your blog?
Boy: CA$H, so we could start campfire kitchen caters.
Girl: More traffic, for now.


My delicious blog said...

A lovely introduction. Nice to meet you Boy and S. :-)

-bcgw. said...

Thank you, and you too MDB ;]