Thursday, January 21, 2010


I love whipping desserts up... for me, usually, desserts happen on a whim, some turn out fantastic and some, due to lack of such preparation, fail miserably but for the times they really turn out well, it's all worth the trial and error...

In this case, a mini yogurt cake... and a mini yogurt cake because the boy ate the other yogurt loaves that were made in no time flat!
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This was an extremely recipe to put together, I used Cabot Greek style vanilla bean yogurt, orange peel and almond, it turned out exquisitely good. I also made a homemade syrup of Rainier cherries, maple, cinnamon, almond and orange juice. The cake turned out very light and moist so I let part of my syrup soak into the cake and WHOA, such a yummy turn out.

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