Monday, April 13, 2009


Hello all!

I don't normally wish time away, but I am now.. we made our reservations for MT today! I am so, so excited for this, I really cannot describe to you!

Thankfully for me, time seems to be flying by - between cooking dinner for family, cleaning the house, playing with the dog, doing immigration stuff, going on mini road trips to the country, work, more work, bringing work home, a little more work.. time is on my side.

My Grandma broke her arm a few weeks ago and since then has been managing pretty well, Grandpa has really stepped up to the plate and helped out quite a bit but seems to be lacking in the cooking department. Last Friday I cordially invited myself over for dinner to be not only guest, but chef.. Grandma said the menu has pretty much been sandwiches and soup so I was inteNt on making something warm and cozy.

I made roasted garlic sage chicken, buttery oh so buttery mashed potatoes, homemade stuffin' and homemade from the heart gravy. Now, let me confess.. that was my first go at gravy.. that's right, I've never made gravy...ever. I had Boy give me a quick how to run down on the way out the door and let me TELL YOU church, even Boy complimented me on my gravy makin' skills! I also could not believe myself, it was buttery, rich but not overpowering.. airy, sort of marsala-y.. it was just damn good and felt so good to eat. My Gma thanked me over and over for the wonderful meal, it was a nice way to start my weekend.

Oh, I finished her off with roasted peaches, streusel topping and butter peekin' ice cream.

In other news, apparently I am on a good note when it comes to cooking, as this weekend I whipped up homemade chimichurri for our tostadas.. let's just say we've eaten it two nights in a row and it would so not kill me to go for a third, except Boy is bringing home his amazing pate from work tonight.

Also, I have started another blog.. it's pretty much all photography outside of food. I take so MANY pictures besides my food photos and sometimes its just weird to put up an old rusty barn, or the dog on here. I think from now on I will stick to just food, etc here and my other blog everything else. Which reminds me, how do I list my other blog next to my current one on my dashboard? Anyone know?


la vie,etc.


Scate said...

food looks great!

are both blogs under the same gmail account? they should list together... no more help from me there - sorry. hopefully, someone more techy will stop by

Chef E said...

When you go to the dashboard, and under layout, it should ask you if you want to create another blog, and it will be under your original email, just you can have as many...I have six currently...

Anonymous said...

oh no, hope your grandma gets better soon! you're so sweet to cook a good homecooked meal for her! it looks FABULOUS! and I'm sure she'll heal faster because of it!

Ricardo said...

Delicious meal really pleasing to the eye. :)

Tangled Noodle said...

You were ON! I'm sure your grandmother would like for you to move in for the duration of her healing time. 8-) The dinner looks great from the pictures (can't beat a close up of mashed potatoes and awesome gravy!)

Congratulations on your new blog! I'll have to stop in and admire your photography!

- bcgw. said...

Sorry for taking forever to get to you all... it's been a wild week. Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments..

Grandma is doing much better and I can't help but think my gravy helped out a little! =P

Chef E said...

I must have missed the gravy, and am surprised, because I am the original southern gravy lovin girl! Hope she continues to be well...there is nothing like a grandmother!

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