Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Ami.

they had great garlic bread..

Last Wednesday I went out with one of the best people in the world.. my best friend, Dyne. She originally wasn't going to take me out with her because I didn't know the band that sang Man Eater.. well! She decided I was obviously best possible option.. at 6 am that morning.. haha.

So we met after work at this little greek restaurant I have been pining to try for some time! Then we made our way to the HALL & OATES concert people. Wow, what an experience. Firstly, never surrounded by that many 40 and 50 year olds at a time.. now, I don't have any issue with this, it was just.. wow, a lot. I was envisioning all these people in their twenties..going to the same concert, just looking slightly less loafers and suits. There sure were a lot of mini skirts though.. tehehe.

it was hard to get a still shot of them, esp because camera's were not allowed. oops.

Glad we did try the greek restaurant, Dyne had the sampler and I had the chicken souvlaki platter... I was in love with it, the tzatziki was incredible, heavy on the dill and just perfect. Their feta was also lovely, very creamy... I had a glass of Ruffino pinot noir for 4 bucks! Service was a little bit slow and inattentive but for me, the food well made up for it.

ok, odd moment.. they have some italian fare as well and so they have a caesar salad on the menu, apparently I ordered a caesar and asked for a dollop of potato salad on it as I THOUGHT I had ordered a greek.. when it came to the table I just looked at it.. though for a minute.. it was actually superb!....very odd moment though!...hah

I don't think Dyne was as happy about her plate as I was mine.. oh well, next time she chooses then! Overall experience was great!


girlichef said...

Sounds fun! ha ha ha...just imagining the waiter when you ordered potato salad on the caesar...good times. That garlic bread...OH!

Tangled Noodle said...

Your first and last pics are my favorite - mmmmm - bread!

Chef E said...

You know how to torture the garlic bread, and think I can smell it right now!