Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lazy Sunday.

Did I ever need today.. even though we officially moved in and there is misc things and boxes scattered throughout the house.. we didn't do much today.. I slept in until about 10:30.. organized some things in the house, put some things away.. Boy made his amazing brulee french toast, and topped it with a blueberry, raspberry coulis that was not only stimulating to look at, but was so... damn... good. It was the most brilliant color of purple... I actually turned my nose up at it a little at first and suggested straining it.. Boy refused and thankfully.. because it ended up being a wonderful treat. Boy and I sat on the floor by the sliding glass doors, in the sun, talking about life. I love simple, delicious days...

As I said, did some organizing today.. slowly, pieces of the house are coming together.. picked out some things for my bathroom.. kind of decided what color pattern I am going with. I prefer bright, super whites for the towels, tub, flooring and then lively, clean colors to accent with. I picked up a funky shower curtain and rug last night at... *muffles voice* coughwalmartcough. I know, it's a super giant astro conglomerate and I actually very rarely shop there mostly because of the amount of people that are there.. I don't hate crowds but shit, there are tons of people there, all the time.. I guess I somewhat understand why.. I spent about 100. bucks and got a trunk load of stuff. I don't foresee myself dropping by every weekend but I actually was surprised to see some of the funky stuff they have.. for a lot less cheaper than my all time favorite store, Target.

Boy investigating misc findings in the office that is far from coming together..

bistro lights find a new home..

my, own, bathroom.. yea..

butcher block table.. now home to our finer plates and cookbooks..


Sarahs MoM said...

Very nice!
You get your decorating skills from me ya know!

vibi said...

Thank goodness for bathrooms! LOL

That French toast looks indeed stimulating... I would even add, divine and berry heavenly!

Joie de vivre said...

Brulee french toast? Girl, you are lucky.

- bcgw. said...

It was heavenly...

..and yes, I am lucky. =)