Sunday, February 01, 2009


Almost every time I leave my camera behind at home, I regret it.. I will always come across the coolest, smallest treasure that I want to shoot and damn, my camera is sitting at home on the desk... On Friday morning, I had a little extra time in the morning and happened to grab my camera on the way out the door.. With that extra time, I also went to Starbucks and the drive thru line wrapped around the building per the pouring down rain.. as I settled into the next 10 minutes of waiting, I listened to NPR and twidled my thumbs..then I realized I had my camera with me and started to snap away.. I think the rain makes everything a little more pretty..a little more...clean.

The close up on the leaves were on my way into my office door.. not from the car. =)


Sarahs MoM said...

Pretty pictures.You need to go to photography school.You are very good

Lara said...

I totally relate with you on the camera woes. It's such a pain to lug around, but I'm always regretful when I don't have it.

Your photos are beautiful!