Thursday, February 05, 2009


This has been a wonderful week, it started just a bit rocky, with our new washer being sassy, papers piling up at my office, etc little bumps in the road but they have all evened themselves out and this week is rounding out to be a very, very productive, fruitful week.

For one, I have absolutely committed to going to the damn gym.. it's not that I really feel bad about myself, I actually quite like myself at this point in my life..I just miss being really toned.. and let's face it, there's nothing cute about a muffin top..which I could easily come by should I put on an old pair of jeans.. I originally thought I would be able get myself out of bed around 6:15 am and hit the the gym before work.. I literally tried that for two days, and when I say tried what I mean is I set the alarm for 6:15 and rolled my eyes when it blared off.. I just couldn't come up with a good morning plan, between having to either tote all my crap with me to the gym and shower there before work, and be totally screwed on coffee or get up even earlier so I could come back to the house for a shower and coffee... neither appealed, at all. I'm not really a morning grouch, I just like to savor my time in the mornings.. whether it be still snuggled in bed or curled up on the couch with my coffee watching the news.. So in all that mental effort I decided on post work exercising.. and it's working. I feel proud of myself..

Oh and I did make a discovery.. vitamin water makes energy drinks and w-h-o-a do they work!

I am fortunate enough to go home everyday for lunch.. this is my normal lunch, a turkey wrap with various condiments & veggies.. this one was red & green pepper, swiss cheese and maille whole grain mustard & miracle whip... nothing fancy but pretty straight forward, healthy and quick.. I normally also grab a yogurt and break up a granola bar in it..


Lara said...

Loving that great lunch idea. It looks easy, healthy, and tasty...can't beat that!

- bcgw. said...

Lara.. indeed, it's a bit cliche but I really appreciate being able to come home during the day for lunch, so it's got to be quick and it doesn't get my enegry down half way thru the day!

Tangled Noodle said...

Your lunch is awesome - I usually have a bowl of oatmeal (lazy girl). I also like to put something crunchy in my yogurt - usually some kind of granola cereal. Kudos on finding the workout time and routine that works best for you!

Sarahs MoM said...

Food looks usual..excuses about the gym are lame.LOL!

Joie de vivre said...

It's so nice that you get to go home for lunch everyday. I bet it makes for a nice respite.