Saturday, January 03, 2009

Less Food.

Obviously I like to take photos of food.. is it my first love? I'm not sure.. taking photos out in nature, of nature and the like is most definitely one of my favorite when transferring some thousand unedited pictures from my old computer to my new one I came across some photos that I haven't seen in a while and they lifted my spirits a bit.. I do miss being able to just drive down the road a mile or two to run into mountains, streams, wildlife and gorgeous foliage.. Now, there is hidden gems here in FL but it just doesn't compare to NC.. and every other state.. (heh....)

Oh well, for now I have to enjoy my current surroundings until the next phase of my life..

me conquering a fallen log across the brook.

puppy running thru the stream.

view from the farmers market.

morning fog up the hill from the house.


Chef E said...

Beautiful photos girl! I like the mist pic..remind me of one I took in San Jaun, Washington of smoke coming off the hidden houses in the forest...the camera must be good, cause that dog is moving pretty darn fast!

BCGW. said...

Thank you so much!