Sunday, December 07, 2008

I have always somewhat had a distaste for bagels.. I blame this partly because of the way bagels were presented to me in my younger years.. small, not of great quality, and usually made in the microwave and topped with butter or jam.. aye, anyhow I have steered clear of bagels, assuming they all tasted of rubbery, buttery jam. Boy, having lived in Montreal; where apparently the best bagels in the world reign.. introduced me to BAGELS! Hot, crunchy, topped with glorious cream cheese.. it was a whole new world I tell ya, and I havent looked back since.. One of my favorite bagel concoctions is a slightly burnt bagel.. (yes, I like to burn bread..) topped off with philly, of course.. sliced plum tomato, a few drips of balsamic (I like to let my tomatoes soak in about 1 half teaspoon of balsamic on the cutting board while I prepare my bagel..) Finish off with a sprinkling of oregano, s&p.. I'm telling you - it's so good, it's definitely a crave-able food in my arsenal.

Pair with a hot cup of joe..

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks.

my precious girl, really hoping for a bite..