Saturday, December 06, 2008

Couch Lovin'.

So, my friends.. here I sit, ass planted firmly on my couch..typing, blogging for god's sake! Ok, ok I am a little over excited but how can I not be? I am on my new laptop.. also new in the fact that I have only ever sat at desks to work on my computer and now I am totally mobile people, watch out. Anywho, on to bigger and yummier things.. Boy and I kind of have this Friday night tradition of eating pizza, watching movies - original, I know. Well, tonight it was - instead of ordering from... blank blank..(yes, I am ashamed..) I decided to make my own, it's not the first time but definitely a first on the style if you will..

I was not at all in the mood for tomato based pizza and I don't do "white pizza" - the thought of alrfredo type sauces makes me want to choke myself. I started out by poaching chicken in white wine and garlic, first a high boil and then I let it soak in its glorious sauvignon blanc bath.. while that was going on I picked fresh rosemary and basil from my herb garden and added it to about two tablespoons cream cheese - which is such a good addition to pizza if you want to give it that richness without going overboard - spread the cream cheese (also known as boursin as corrected by the onlooking chef.) onto your cooked crust prior to any other toppings going on.

I cooked my mushrooms and red onions in garlic, olive oil and liquid hickory smoke.. put it all together and topped off with mozz & parm/romano mix.. now, folks.. it was AMAZING.. I don't think I will ever order pizza from blank blank again unless I am feeling particularly lazy..


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Haley said...

I could look through your blog forever... so many wonderful pics and recipes! This pizza sounds amazing! I'm usually too lazy to make my own as well, but this just sounds too good to pass by!

I would love to write about your recipe on our blog! If you are interested send me an email at

Haley, KI Blogger