Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dreaming of a colder day.

asheville, nc - on the hill - cadence village

view from my balcony, asheville, nc - january this year

So, I'm going to say it.. I want the snow, I want the sweaters, the hot cider, the tiny eensy weensy flakes that fall on black sweaters, the fresh smell of snow, waking up to white blanketing as far as I can see, the fireplace.. aye, I want the cold..... Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.. I really am currently undergoing a transformation on life - TO LOVE IT, no matter what.. but, I am wishing, for colder days...

Other than dreaming for things that will never come to Florida I AM great.. the job is going so well - I am always so self skeptical and I frequently question how good I really am, or am not.. and my thoughts were Not confirmed - I AM doing very well - a raise says so =P
So life in that department has calmed it's winds and all is good. Other aspects of life are up in the air, sort of.. but they all seem to atleast be consistent.. and even a few surprises have come around this passed couple weeks.. saw a half brother of mine that I haven't seen since I was about 10.. met his girlfriend.. it was all a very odd situation to go from feeling like you really didn't have a brother in your life, not to mention possible sister-in-law to exchanging addresses and the planning of a possible trip to Iowa.. I'm going to let that all brew.. and brew..a while.

Oh, oh - big news in my little world - by this time Saturday I shall be reporting to you good people from my new kickass laptop that I bought myself for the holidays.. (ok, ok - boy's help pay for it too, and don't go feelin' sorry for him - he's getting one for his birthday in a few months, so.. so...)

Well, I've had just enough time to fling a chicken taco salad on the table, snap a shot of it and off to the next adventure...and in my world - that's sock folding! Shut up....

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