Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful for What Is.

Simply, just thankful for you, for me.. for what is, and can be, for what is my own doing, for whats yours.. practicing daily and just doing it with a big meal once a year, food as follows.. food love to ya'll.

table being set..

grama's crack casserole.. damnit, i mean sweet potato.. and rolls..

my grampa and i.

stuffing.. additions of pancetta and dried cherries - woah..

oh yea..

getting personal with my buns.

post roll, cut into the buns.

rolling her up.

brown sugar & butter on inside layer of sticky buns..

dough rising.

the sticky in my bun.. cranberries & pecans - with goo.

butter, brown sugar - i let a cinnamon stick soak in this also.

beating my sticky bun dough..

mixing flour with egg mixture for sticky buns..

fresh picked herbs for stuffing.

cutting bread for stuffing.. onion rye & sourdough.

adding the crack.. i mean sugar.

fresh cranberries simmering with cinnamon sticks & cabernet...


Kitty said...

i am starving with nothing in the house to eat (except salad). how can you show me such seriously delicious looking food at a time like this????

BCGW. said...

So sorry! Come on over!

Joie de vivre said...

Your stuffing looks AMAZING! Dried cherries are inspiration. That pic of you and your grandpa was so cute.

- bcgw. said...

Thank you thank you!..and yes, we are a pair! =P