Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've been completely swooned by raindrops.. I've never really thought of shooting them specifically but after a caught a few beauties in a spider web in GA, I have been chasing them around like crazy.

They truly teach you something.. something so little, so fleeting... is achingly beautiful and so true.

They teach me to keep my head up and always remember the little things long before it's "too late"..

Life has been especially stressful for me as of late, some self induced, some completely unwarranted. Boy is officially in GA, working at his new restaurant, which I will offer up soon.. he is staying with wonderful people and truly enjoying himself and pursuing his dream.. what could be better? I am astounding proud and in awe of the amazing person he is.. more than lucky to come home to him every night!

Which leads me to my woe and misery... ok, not really either but I am definitely missing my honey a lot more than expected and dont take that the wrong way, its not that I didnt think I would miss him OR that I dont care but I was trying to think of this as all business, he going up to solidify things for us to live there permanently, him pursuing his career, me spending some time with family, working away at my job and hopefully securing a remote position. hasnt all gone quite that flawlessly, now for him, yes.. everything did go flawlessly and I couldnt be more happy but for me, it's been a tougher than expected adjustment which frustrates me all by itself because I wagered on the fact I'd be JUST fine.

Fact of the matter is in one week, I've managed to throw a good size tantrum, cry twice, get pissed off to the point of blurry eyesight, threaten drastic measures, huff, sniff, curse and spit.. although somehow managing to not emotionally binge on food <---- not sure how but I'm going with it.

Here's to NEXT week and the next 3 months.. I think I need to go buy a six pack, oh wait... I reside in the house of god.. ;/


The Mess Pot said...

Hang in there! Being seperated is not fun at all, but things will work out in the end.

Candace Kerns said...

Beautiful rain drops, my dear. There truly is a flawless fleeting beauty in them. Hang in there...take your rainy days and turn them into millions of tiny miracles