Sunday, September 26, 2010


(both taken tonight while doing my Gma's most favorite activity = dining out! ;)

While Boy is living & working in Georgia, I am wrapping up things in Florida and staying with my Grandparents. My Grandparents are very special to me.. they aren't just distance relatives, I have lived with them many years of my life and they have always treated me like their daughter, nothing less. They always graciously open their home to me on the occasion I have needed it for a night or a week in my adult life and not only do they allow me to stay but they treat me like a real guest.. always asking if I am hungry or need something, making sure my bed is made should I happen to rush out and not do it, do my laundry instead of letting me, let my dog out and watch over her while I am at work and so, so much more.

I won't lie, living here is different and at times hinges on "not easy" mostly in part because of the huge generational gap and the fact that religion is what makes up a vast majority of their world and none of mine but alas we are able to see thru the fine lines that have been quietly drawn in the sand and we laugh together, work together, eat together and live together as if we are old friends.

I enjoy the fact that I get this time with them now as they are getting older as most Grandparents do and once I have moved to GA, depending on my remote work situation, I am not sure the frequency in which I will be in FL.. in an ideal world I will be coming down either quarterly or something similar to "check in" with my office and I will of course stay with them and enjoy their true hospitality and love.

I love them dearly and could not think of any 2 better people to spend my time with, esp when I am sorely missing my Boy.

Love you always and always, G&G.