Monday, August 02, 2010


Grocery shopping.. each trip it's own little adventure. (ok, well for me?) For whatever I am very contemplative when grocery shopping.. contemplative about what I'm buying, how much I'm spending on it, how much I'm getting of it.. contemplative of the people I'm shopping next to..what their buying and why.. contemplative of the brands, ingredients, advertising.. pretty much everything.

Perhaps over analyzing? Perhaps..

Anyway I thought of a couple things yesterday.. random facts about my usual grocery store experience.

  • I normally experience mild nerves just before walking in. (inexplicable..)
  • I love how the fresh bread smell hits you first thing thru the door,'s luring.
  • I'm always uncomfortable waiting at the deli counter a long time.
  • My least favorite part of the store is the frozen food section.. just, literally.. it's the ugliest in my opinion and sort of complacently trapping.
  • My favorite part is the fruit/vegetable area.. not just for the goods but you can always find fun stuff here.. like fancy dips, delicious smoothie drinks, tofu goods, higher end dressings..etc.
  • My favorite part of the fruit/vegetable area is the apple display.. always so beautifully colorful and perfectly aligned.. I always dive towards the stunningly green granny apples!
  • Finds its annoying that clerks make it seem like a task bagging your re-usable bags..
Ok, that's all.. fairly random, eh? And yes, I'm aware I'm abnormal when it comes to the gro sto. ;]

Always gets: Doesn't matter what happened to you on the way to grocery, at the grocery or coming home, these items best be in your (re-useable) bag.

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Kacey said...

As I read this post I became saddened. I LOVE LOVE LOVE grocery shopping and I feel awful that you don't find it to be so fun! I grocery shop when I'm bored or when I'm stressed or in a good mood. I even sometimes grocery shop when I actually need to.

Would you be willing to tell us what grocery store you use? Maybe you just haven't found 'the one' yet. My all time favorite is Whole Foods, but I don't have any near me. Since I moved to Florida, my favorite would have to be Publix. It's so clean and neat and organized. Their deli counter is open until 10pm and it's the only place I can find good bread. The staff is so friendly and helpful, and they actually know their stuff - without being annoying. And they always offer to bring your bags to your car for you, even if you are a 26 year old able bodied person building 1 gallon of milk. Bizarre!!!

The time of day also plays a huge part in grocery shopping. If I have to push grandma out of the way because she can't decide which yogurt would be better for her 'system', then it ruins it for me. The same with screaming children. I WILL throw a watermelon at them.

I'm not sure how to help you with this, but I do hope that you will find how enjoyable grocery shopping could be.

Or not, and I might just be completely freakish...which seems to be more likely.

Wolf said...
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mr. and mrs. said...

Kacey.... hahahaa! Thanks for the good laugh this morning, esp about the watermelon throwing. I am partly shocked you figured I didn't like grocery shopping.. I actually love to do it (besides the carrying it up 3 flights of stairs part). I am just extremely contemplative about my grocery store experience and tend to think a million different things about why things are the way they are...there. I shop at SweetBay (see receipt on top :).. I use to shop at Publix but have found them to be more expensive than Publix for the same things and I tried out Whole Foods and was sorely unimpressed because it replaced a store called Wild Oats (similar gourmet grocery food store) that was awesome! Plus it's just too damn expensive! ;] Where are you in FL? and thanks for the response! ;]

mr. and mrs. said...

*found Publix to be more expensive than SweetBay..

Kacey said...

A big DUH! on my part - obviously I was so excited to tell you how much I love grocery shopping I failed to notice the completely obvious picture of your receipt!

I've never even heard of a SweetBay...but now I'm very curious!

I'd apologize for that huge ass first comment I left. Sometimes I just get carried away - especially about FOOD!!!

I currently reside in Milton (just north of Pensacola). Coming from NJ, ME, and VT - let's just say its very interesting here :)

P.S. I am glad you enjoy grocery shopping!!!

mr. and mrs. said...

No problem! And I loved the huge ass comment! I am way down near Tampa so they might not have SweetBay's up there? And I bet it's interesting! lol! ;]

Nicole said...

My favorite part is the fruit and vegetable area also. I try to go to the food store with a list so I can get in and out and don't go too crazy.

girlichef said...

I get lost in the grocery store...I always end up getting a call... "honey, where are you? Mom, what's taking you so long?" Ugh. It's my getaway ;)

mr. and mrs. said...

Nicole.. I take a list, don't always stick to it! ;]

girli.. lol! Then I'd say abuse the right to getaway and shop lingeringly! :)

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