Monday, July 19, 2010

The Queens Head.

That's the location of my first professional food photo shoot. I cannot tell you what a wonderful experience it was.. I shot the very talented, Chris Greer's food and let me tell you, he did not make my job a hard one because his food is truly beautiful. The Queen's Head is a eurobar style eatery in downtown St. Petersburg, FL.. it's an easy going place during the day and they turn the dial up at night with live DJ's. It has been expertly designed, a chic funk that is inviting and whimsical.. not to mention the people that keep this place going are as friendly as they are fun.. makes for a great all around experience.

I was definitely nervous going into this for obvious reasons but found my groove fairly quickly and with some narrative from the owner, was quickly snapping away and wow.. not sure what happened other than lights going off in my head over and over...and right there, right then..I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I cannot thank Chris & The Queens Head enough for allowing me the opportunity to get my feet wet with them and I am beyond humble to be a part of their establishment in this way... to the future!

Now for the goods... here is some of what I shot.

stilton & pickled cherry salad

pan charred tofu, horseradish mash, pickled cherries, onion caramel

apple cured salmon, fennel papaya salsa, toasted ciabatta

roasted beet and yellow pepper hummus with toasted ciabatta

fish and chips..sea salt and malt vinegar fries, minted peas, malt vinegar reduction.

bouillabaisse. mussels, haddock, shrimp, tomato, fennel, chablis cream broth. toasted ciabatta.

roasted beet & radish salad with baby spinach, marinated barley, goat cheese, champagne truffle vinaigrette.


Leah @ L4L said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

skr said...

Leah.. thank you so much ;]

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots! What camera/lenses do you use?

skr said...

It's a Canon SX100 IS. I don't use any lenses..and thank you! ;]

DANIELA said...

if you say

skr said...

if you say.................?

Chef Wolf. said...
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Chef Wolf. said...

She is just VERY TALENTED no special lenses were used. (: