Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I really dig that it is raining everyday when I get home.. Mother Nature: I approve.

I also approve of this.. a blatantly simple snack that is SO good...

So, as I am in a kind of fired up mood.. (not for any reason?) I feel the need to pass out some praise and question a many things.

Firstly, I just want to say you need to check out these blogs.. Stay with me now.

Leftovers for Lunch - I dig this blog, a lot.. it's really a glimpse into their life, their yummy food creations and an overload of pictures to boot which lets face it, that's why we LOOK at blogs, now isn't it? (touching on this later) Anyhow, I feel like I know these people without ever meeting them and genuinely enjoy scanning thru their blog every day or so. Thanks LFL!

Never HomeMaker - The best of all worlds here, great food, great photography and great personalities that keep this blog going.. Again, these folks seem truly genuine and offer up a lot of fantastic information & tips.

Use Real Butter - I think at this point, URB might be a household name along with a few other choice blogs out there BUT the striking difference here is the straightforwardness, the simplistic perfection of the art and again, genuine behavior. Everything about this blog is beautiful and a joy to read.

I read PLENTY of other blogs but those are the ones I specifically seek out.. ok, I lie.. there's one other which I consider a guilty pleasure and I'm fairly sure she's at the top of the blogging world currently but I have conflicting issues with everything that surrounds her and the blog itself... I'll leave that... there.

On another note.. what is up with people with FOOD BLOGS and no photos? Are you kidding? I've got the attention span of a 3 year old.. if you aren't luring me in with luscious photos.. then you aren't luring. Granted you may not give flip what I think but I just find it a little silly.......just sayin'.


Leah @ L4L said...

Thnx for the shout out! :) I adore your photography. I really need to take a class and get a better lens than the stock lens.


mr. and mrs. said...

Leah..Anytime!..and thank you so much ;]

Readable Eatables said...

Hey thanks for the comment! You're page and pictures look fantastic!

mr. and mrs. said...

RE - Thanks! ;]

Lynn said...

Is it possible to dislike a blog entitled Use Real Butter?

Jealous of your rain.

mr. and mrs. said...

Lynn.. not a chance, plus her photography is amazing..and I'm sorry, I'll think rainy thoughts for you :)

Anusce@Ciao-Chow said...

Hello there!
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I love yours!! and I totally agree....food blogs with no pics? It is like eating a cone with no ice cream!

Have a great day!