Thursday, March 04, 2010

Take 2.

Hello all... doing more work with my light box...we're improving..and this is all without actually reading into things or really getting into my camera manual.. I did however look up a few hints and tips so I am hopefully on my way to white, clear and beautiful BUT... one thing I have realized it I will most definitely not stick to just light box's almost SO professional that it lacks some sense of character and home to it, now don't get me wrong...for certain things, I adore it but I am all about adding a little bit of my life, my experience and my home to my photos and it definitely takes away in that department...

It has been a great week with rewarding high's and workable lows.. I've been sticking to my going to the gym rules, eating as right as possible and lord have mercy it is going to be mildly warm this weekend! Life is good people.... peace out.

I will be the first to gripe when someone posts an unsavory food photo on their blog but cut me a little slack, I am new at the light box technique and wanting to try it on in all ways.. thanx ;]

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