Sunday, March 07, 2010


Went to lunch with my family yesterday to one of my favorite places that I don't go nearly as much as I would if I lived a little's called Maggie Mae's and it's a small cafe full of Florida nostalgia on your way to the beach... their food is simple, honest and straight forward, you know exactly what to expect.

I am all about a soup and sandwich for lunch, only about the soup for the last couple of years as for whatever reason I had always had a soup aversion... not sure what that was about but anyway to me soup & sandwich is a quintessential lunch, it's got everything you would want, unless your dying for a salad? Their chili is perfect... not too tomatoey - you know what I mean, so thick its like tomato paste? Not too spicy..cause I want to be able to swallow my other food...Just the right amount of beans to meat and a touch of sweetness, they of course offer chopped onion and cheddar for the top which you must elect... mmmmmm it was so good. Plus a turkey reuben, should round your day out nicely.


sweetlife said...

sounds great..great pics!!


Fashion Meets Food said...

oh my word!!! That place looks fabulous! Sounds great and what awesome looking food!!! Yum! I am beyond jealous!

Have a fabulous day!


-bcgw. said...

sweet - thanks!

fmf - it's so yummy, i havent had anything i dont like yet ;]

Mindika said...

bcgw, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments. Love your blog as well! I look forward to following. Great photography!