Saturday, February 06, 2010

We Go Back.

Having a particulary wonderful day, the sun it out, there is a chill in the air and it feels good to be alive. Got up early this morning, cleaned my little house top to bottom, stopped to feel thankful for my little house and what perfection it provides for me and my family. Started the laundry, brewed some coffee. What better to accompany such a great day? Blueberry meringue pancakes.. it's a recipe we came across a couple years back,'s really just as simple as adding meringue as the final stage to your batter.

It is, so good, every bite is a cloud of, really.

Now off to the beach, it's great to live in Florida..

our baby looking extra cute napping...

isn't she precious...?


bonnie said...

These looks so awesome and delighful for a weekend breakfast.

I finally found your blog, love it. Followed ya!! Take care


Soap After Dark said...

Blueberry pancakes *drooooool* Been so long since I had those!

Beautiful pup!!! Is she a Rottie? She reminds me of my rottie girl, may she RIP.