Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Definition of My Smile.

In a continuation of things that truly make me smile, food related of course...let me share a little more. It is SO, SO true that the simplest...or most complicated of foods can instantaneously bring that warm curve to your mouth and that warm dip in your heart. Of course in tonight's journey for comfort, a heineken and Dropkick Murphys push us on to happiness.

if you even half know me, you know Im a Starbucks fool.. and theres nothing better than an iced cold sweet latte on a hot Florida day..

a somewhat new find, Talenti Sorbetto & Gelato, for me..in Hill Country Peach Champagne.. I literally tried to put this back in the freezer several times and ended up finishing off in one day, without regret! Another yummy flavor, Boy's favorite Cappuccino Gelato..

I am an admitted soda addict, but have cut waaaay back in recent years due to...well, the shit's just not good for ya! But I occasionally grab one and I figure I might as well grab my favorite, crush is one of my all time favorite soda's....ridiculously sweet and tangy..

This is a simple one... cream cheese & balsamic dressing is such a good combo...

You know you LOVE it.

Made this last night actually, turned out excellent and quite easy to make!


SageMom said...

That bagel looks delicious...

I've never had anything from starbucks before...other than a brownie!

Heather said...

Can you please be my personal chef?!

-bcgw. said...

Sage Mom.. thank you and you must go NOW to your local Starbucks, just drop everything you're doing and go woman go ;]

Heather... for the right price lol!

bonnie said...

I love the creamy garlic polenta, great pics!!