Saturday, January 09, 2010


Bundled up to go out ;]

Well, I must say... for FL, it's damn cold! It certainly feels like the north here today, which I am not at all against, it's just all about digging into the back of the closet to get out out the big coat and the boots, the wind chill here today is between 25-15...that's mighty cold for us southern folk, well atleast it is when you have been out of the cold for some time, I sure wish there were a little snow to come along with all of this chill, would make it feel a little more worth it, ya know?

We did brave it today though, for errands sake. We went to our favorite little Greek market to pick up some fruits and veggies and other yummy Greek specialties. Mmmmm..mmm!

amazing homemade sweet sesame roll with feta inside....oh...oh my.

homemade crusty roll with farmers cheese, ajvar and olive oil drizzle. sensory kaplow!

aforementioned farmers cheese.

glorious and i mean glorious sweet whipped butter, ingredients: cream.

pretty trees on our short and i mean short walk! brrr...

gorgeous fallen leaf on a basketball court...i love the tiny wake in the water from the frigid wind that was blowing, beautiful!

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