Sunday, March 01, 2009

Campfire Kitchen.

As the weekend approaches for me, I start to think up ways to have fun, enjoy my time, really love my days off... and most of my ideas of fun are simple, because what else is there really?

Every weekend we have soul food sundays.. what that means is we spend a lot of sunday marinading, preparing, thinking, lingering over food.. whether we are snacking, marinading a piece of meat, looking thru a new cook book, concocting new ideas, etc..etc..etc.. by the end of the day we have a glorious meal that we don't think about twice about the fat content, or other ultra conscious thought processes that you need to apply on a daily basis.

Today we did a take on a picnic and it turned out to be a perfect day as it was cold and windy as all hell outside, sooo.. a wonderfully cozy picnic INSIDE was perfect! We actually did quite a bit today so I didn't get a chance to get a shoot a lot of the picnic foods itself.. but I did shoot something very, very special..

S'mores, my friends.. s'mores... and a fire toasted marshmallow.. D-r-o-o-l..ok? drool.

Among wonderfully yummy treats throughout the weekend I did pop over to a local park to catch a few shots, talk to a few strangers.. you know, normal day in me town.


Scate said...

The s'mores look delicious - and have me longing for warmer weather. thanks for sharing!

Tangled Noodle said...

I could barely take my eyes off each picture - of 'smores and landscape! Really lovely.

- bcgw. said...

Scate - That's exactly what I was thinking.. a nice campfire.. soon enough, my friend!

Tangled - Thank you, as always. I did love how the black & white popped.. I want another one just looking at it! =>