Friday, February 27, 2009


me.. as a lime.

Well, this week has been filed, finally. This has been a long one, with hi's and low's... Carla didn't win TC but she does have a sweet new ride! Work has been.. well, it's been. My brain sort of twitches to think about this week..

Anyhow, as usual we have been running around like mad people.. I mean look at the time right now, it's 8:06 and I haven't made my way to the gym quite yet.. Thank goodness Friday's around here is take out night..

In all the week's normal craziness I haven't had much time to snap away any shots and the few shots I did take I wasn't wild about. I did get a chance to sift thru my hundreds, and thousands of photos.. which always makes me smile because of the story it takes you on.. makes you remember a laugh, or argument.. a smell, a sense of comfort.. a certain sound, a particular day.. it's one of the most mentally stimulating things for me.. and since this week has been somewhat of a downer I decided to pick a few photos of days, times, smells, sounds.. whatever it may be and express to you how that picture came about or the joy that moment brought me..then.. and now.


standing in the river in asheville, nc.
it was so cold, and so beautiful there..
long trails to get lost on..

two years ago - serenbe in georgia.. seriously, this stupid trampoline was our favorite thing.. best.vacation.ever.
it always smelled like pancakes and lavender there.
got to go back soon