Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stepping Stones.

This weekend has been a lot busier than I was planning on.. Saturday started off on a rough foot and I worked at Boy's restaurant that night due to a reservation book spilling over... It's kind of tiring to pull a 40+ work week (at a place where your brain is going mach 3 all the time..) and then pulling another 6 or so hours dish washing.. (hey, I'll do whatever it takes to help out..).. we came home and pooped out on the bed.

We didn't do too much today either..slept in, Boy much more than I.. meanwhile I steam cleaned the carpets, assembled the rest of my bathroom decor.. as you can see our weekend wasn't either wild or relaxing.. oh well, here's to next weekend!

In the meantime Boy and I have been talking about the future and what are plans may be.. we know we aren't going to stay in FL permanently.. it's just not our we actually started talking about a place that I adore and soon figured out it's a place we're both highly interested in.. we looked through some sites, home listings, job listings and I think we put a new pin on a place to live.. it won't be for a couple of years but it'd exciting to think about new adventures..

chorizo tacos..

See if you can guess where it is..

Photos courtesy of ABQStyle. Photos by Don Peterson.


Tangled Noodle said...

New Mexico? Arizona? It looks so idyllic! My husband and I have lived in 5 states and 6 different cities in our 15 yrs together. We both find it exciting to move somewhere new and discover it together. As much as we enjoy our current home, we just wish we could be somewhere warmer! 8-)

Scate said...

Anasazi are from the 4 corners area - so TN is right on. THis looks like Santa Fe or someplace very hip that. I love that town - great atmosphere and great people. Have fun planning and dreaming! We only have one life, right?!

- bcgw. said...

Wow both of you are dead on.. It's NM - mostly Sante Fe area. As odd as it is, we may be pulling back on that idea.. have to search more on the local insects. lol!

Lara said...

I never would have guessed NM to be such a beautiful place...I hope it works to get there soon.