Sunday, February 08, 2009

So Good.

I am quite tired at this hour of the day.. why? I actually worked out in the YARD.. the last time I worked in a yard, I was 14 0r 15 and mowing the parents yard. Since I've lived on my own, it's been apartments for the past few years..and although I don't really have any true experience in working in a yard, I have longed to just be out in it.. and now that I actually have it, I want to work in it, get my hands dirty, modify it, decorate it, make it pretty!

This morning we decided to start working on an herb garden. Someone previously had taken a bunch of stepping stones and put them into a big circle, with a smaller circle inside, another smaller circle.. you get it. It didnt really serve any purpose and was not even or solid enough to put a table or something like that on. So we kept all of the outer blocks and ripped out the inner blocks, tilled the soil and was off to the market to buy herbs.

Amongst all of our outside activities we managed to make homemade bbq pulled pork, which I featured the beginnings of yesterday. I also managed to fit in time to make maybe one of the best cakes I have EVer made.

Take a lookie..

apples in their batter, awaiting the oven.

homemade caramel..

almond, cinnamon soaked apple cake with homemade caramel..


Tangled Noodle said...

I won't see soil for another 2 to 3 months - it's all still sleeping under cover of snow. But seeing your pictures stirs optimism for the arrival of spring!

Sarahs MoM said...

Its fun to work in your own yard..putting things in the ground and watching them grow..everything here is dead from the freezes.
I remember you mowing the lawn when you were a teenager..Never saw anyone run that fast with a mower! lol!!
Food looks yummy as usual
Love ya