Wednesday, January 28, 2009


tofu mixture on thighs, waiting to hit the oven.


So, you know how it is.. you're getting moved into a new place.. your pots and pans are in still in boxes, or in this case some of them still at our old apt.. you don't have all your cooking utensils in the appropriated places and even though you did a $200. grocery, you still don't seem to have it all.. last night was a 3rd night in a row of working late, at least past 6pm.. thankfully I got out before 7 like the previous nights.. so, I was pretty tired when I got home, plus I had a bag full of work with me to work on AT home. Boy graciously prepared a wonderful meal, did the dishes and was nice as pie to me! Couldn't ask for anything better than him.

While I was driving home I sort of had an idea in mind of a chicken parmesan but slightly deconstructed, and without cheese. So I relayed my thoughts to Boy on my drive home and he came up with the rest..

He made an herbed tofu mixture in the processor, browned up some chicken thighs and grabbed the tomato sauce. The chicken thighs were delicious, perfectly crisped on the bottom and then topped off with Boy's herbed tofu.. then browned in oven. The little thighs each got topped with the tofu and a sprinkle of panko - they looked like the most beautiful, cheese bearing pieces of meat you've ever witnessed.. I sauteed up some fresh spinach w/ garlic for another layer of yum, and that was all bathed in tomato basil sauce... ah, good endings to long days people.

just out of the oven, look at that golden brown..

finished yumminess.

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Tangled Noodle said...

I would never have guessed 'tofu' when looking at these - great idea and execution!