Tuesday, December 16, 2008


To anyone who may read my blog consistently, I apologize for being absent of late - between wrapping, shopping, thinking, working, more wrapping, visiting, more working, cleaning, more shopping... there hasn't been a whole lot of time for me to squeeze in on the computer..

Last night was amazing though, finally got to sit down in bed, laptop in LAP - it was fabulous, I had puppy, boy, and a cup brimming with gingerale (what? i love it..) - anyhow, it was glorious and I am so grateful to have the luxuries that allow me to be able to do that.

Boy had been requesting sugar cookies for some time and I had put him off long enough so yesterday I finally made them and they turned out much cuter and tastier than planned, I originally was not going to take pictures but a sprinkle of powdered sugar here, the right lighting there and I'm sucked in..

I realized as a food blogger.. pretty much everything I make know I figure in atleast TWICE the amount of time recommended to make it because of the photography...not the photograpy itself but that you cant pick up your camera or even hit the button with hands covered in flour, egg, who knows what else.. you have to be careful in some instances where recipes are very tedious.. I suppose one day I'll move up in the world and get a mini tripod and hey.. even a remote?

Until then!

what it takes to cook and photograph.

purty lil' thing.

more sugar!


rolling the dough..

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Sarahs MoM said...

You have become quite the cook
I think it is wonderful!