Saturday, December 27, 2008

Part 2 - Misc.

For the most part.. the holidays linger in our family.. we only live less than a mile from each others houses so there is driving back and forth for board games, batteries, heavy whipping cream.. you know. We normally stay at their house just because it's bigger.. and the days go slow.. and quiet, it's not bad at all! There is just a lot of eating, sleeping (atleast laying in bed..) reading, living in our pajamas, etc. I am normally a go,go,go person so it's hard to just lay around and not get much done but I am certainly learning to appreciate it and the benefits that it brings..

a fabulous walnut cheese..

my favorite smoked cheese.. i spot it by look, forget the name.

my grandma with our puppy girl, simane. (gma's lil friend)

pork tenderloin, marinating..

my favorite holiday food, well anytime food.. cheese,crackers and cured meats.

making the custard for bread pudding - then it resting.

glorious baked beans..

puppy girl enjoying the warm sun..

relaxing in my pajamas in the sun..

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Linda said...

What a great mix of photos! Love of food, love of family, and cherished old Christmas decorations are well represented.