Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi all, sorry to be away so much but I warned ya! ;]

Life is equaling out now though and doing well, in the meantime, I am going to be reviewing a great product from Cookware, can't wait to take a look at their beautiful dining room chairs.

Stay tuned!


undergoing construction....again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


(both taken tonight while doing my Gma's most favorite activity = dining out! ;)

While Boy is living & working in Georgia, I am wrapping up things in Florida and staying with my Grandparents. My Grandparents are very special to me.. they aren't just distance relatives, I have lived with them many years of my life and they have always treated me like their daughter, nothing less. They always graciously open their home to me on the occasion I have needed it for a night or a week in my adult life and not only do they allow me to stay but they treat me like a real guest.. always asking if I am hungry or need something, making sure my bed is made should I happen to rush out and not do it, do my laundry instead of letting me, let my dog out and watch over her while I am at work and so, so much more.

I won't lie, living here is different and at times hinges on "not easy" mostly in part because of the huge generational gap and the fact that religion is what makes up a vast majority of their world and none of mine but alas we are able to see thru the fine lines that have been quietly drawn in the sand and we laugh together, work together, eat together and live together as if we are old friends.

I enjoy the fact that I get this time with them now as they are getting older as most Grandparents do and once I have moved to GA, depending on my remote work situation, I am not sure the frequency in which I will be in FL.. in an ideal world I will be coming down either quarterly or something similar to "check in" with my office and I will of course stay with them and enjoy their true hospitality and love.

I love them dearly and could not think of any 2 better people to spend my time with, esp when I am sorely missing my Boy.

Love you always and always, G&G.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've been completely swooned by raindrops.. I've never really thought of shooting them specifically but after a caught a few beauties in a spider web in GA, I have been chasing them around like crazy.

They truly teach you something.. something so little, so fleeting... is achingly beautiful and so true.

They teach me to keep my head up and always remember the little things long before it's "too late"..

Life has been especially stressful for me as of late, some self induced, some completely unwarranted. Boy is officially in GA, working at his new restaurant, which I will offer up soon.. he is staying with wonderful people and truly enjoying himself and pursuing his dream.. what could be better? I am astounding proud and in awe of the amazing person he is.. more than lucky to come home to him every night!

Which leads me to my woe and misery... ok, not really either but I am definitely missing my honey a lot more than expected and dont take that the wrong way, its not that I didnt think I would miss him OR that I dont care but I was trying to think of this as all business, he going up to solidify things for us to live there permanently, him pursuing his career, me spending some time with family, working away at my job and hopefully securing a remote position. hasnt all gone quite that flawlessly, now for him, yes.. everything did go flawlessly and I couldnt be more happy but for me, it's been a tougher than expected adjustment which frustrates me all by itself because I wagered on the fact I'd be JUST fine.

Fact of the matter is in one week, I've managed to throw a good size tantrum, cry twice, get pissed off to the point of blurry eyesight, threaten drastic measures, huff, sniff, curse and spit.. although somehow managing to not emotionally binge on food <---- not sure how but I'm going with it.

Here's to NEXT week and the next 3 months.. I think I need to go buy a six pack, oh wait... I reside in the house of god.. ;/

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keep It Moving.

Spackle, take down, throw away, donate, garage sale, pack, organize, take down, spackle, garage sale, throw away, organize, throw away, REPEAT.

That's what we've been up to for the last week! Boy leaves this week for his new job and our new destination while I man the helm here.. garage this weekend, me moving to family's house annnnnd I've been offered to keep my job and work out of my house (ok well, waiting on final approval) but it's pretty solid.

Wooooooo Hooooo...


Saturday, September 04, 2010

Heads Up.

Hello all.. just wanted to give you all a heads up & forecast. My husband accepted a job offer out of state at a truly beautiful farm-to-table style eatery and we are SO excited for the new changes... and of course with change comes a fair amount of chaos.. due to that the next few months will be a little wild and it's more than likely I won't be as consistent as usual (prior to vaca anyhow! ;)

He is leaving in a couple short weeks and I will be following first of the year ~ can't tell you how excited and ready we are for this kind of change!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vaca Recap Part 1.

We are officially back home and I have some 680 photos to edit but I have made it thru quite a few...and we have a possible big surprise to share, stay tuned!

This was at Amicalola Falls. We visited the little welcome center, got candy, swung on the swings and walked up to the falls.

These are some of the photos from hanging out at the cabin, one of our favorite things to do:

this is now one of my favorite photos of all time.. this is what the puppy did after the 9 hour drive up.


everyone needs a little champagne.. thank you to mother in law ;]

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 4.

Hello all, hope your week is treating you well! We are having an absolute blast in the mountains! We found a couple of amazing country stores (felt like a homemade version of Fresh Market or Cracker Barrel). A store just filled with homemade jams & butters, breads, cakes, pies, produce, glazes, candies...oh my! I could live there........really.

We also visited the Toccoa River and Amicalola Falls (minus the 425 step climb this time!)

I have a LOT more to post and I've taken well over 300 pictures so far but want to get back to the fun for now! ;]

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 2.

Day 2 in vacationland is here and we have enjoyed country road walks, the hot tub, more hot tub...naps, talking, eating, more hot tub.. see a trend here? Today we're going to go out and adventure.. maybe ;]

On another note, check out yesterday's breakfast (eaten at 2 in the afternoon, accompanied by beer for one and champagne for another).

We absolutely in NO way skimp or even attempt to eat healthy on vacation. We eat candy, ice cream, full fat everything and we could care less, our motto for vacation is CAREFREE and we do well at defining it ;]

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yes, officially on vacation.......Here are a couple of the beautiful things I've been looking at this morning. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend ;)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Run Honey Run.

the pooch waiting on me to get ready, every weekend on Saturday her & I going to my grandparents for me to do laundry, hang out and chase lizards (strictly her). She loves going there and normally hangs out by the front door all Saturday morning waiting to go because she knows she can run freely (not so here at the apartment).

Even though we are coming to an end on this weekend, I look back on another wonderful one.. I have definitely learned to make the most out of every moment to maximize my weekend goodness! :]

as previously mentioned, I do the laundry and I utilize the line to hang my laundry whenever possible. There is something so warm and reminiscent about hanging laundry out to dry and shoving your face in freshly folded sun breeze dried towels is the it not?

filled up the bird bath.

Today we went to the mall (somewhere we haven't been in a considered amount of time) to pick up a new hat for Boy (he's pretty particular about his baseball hats so...) anyway, found some awesome deals on a couple things for him and ended up at TooJays Deli for lunch.

We also had latkes but they were downright sinful so I opt not to show :P

After that, Mr. Chef went off to work and I went to the grocery store.. and I was SO so so incredibly thirsty (it's ridiculously hot out these days) so when I got to the grocery store my very first mission was seeking out cold beverage... didn't want soda, already had way too much water, didn't want a smoothie or anything thick tasting.. spotted THIS and Just the right amount of sweet and icey cold. Perfect! I think I'll be putting more of this in my fridge!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is of course what is needed on hot summer days.. espescially after a couple hours at the pool.. you want to come home and whip something together that is fresh and satisfying. Boy is an expert at chicken salad.. it's never quite the same recipe but always outstanding. I love it!

This time it was a cilantro & dill chicken salad with onion, tomato & cucumber..little bit of sour cream, dijon mustard and other spices which we then piled into a toasted piece of flatbread. Divine I tell you...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Beauty.

dontcha just love the ear?

I've been trying to carry my camera with me everywhere I go.. mostly because half of the time I'm out and by out I don't mean anywhere necessarily specific... and I will see something I want to photograph and of course my camera is at the house which is not much help to me. So the other day I managed to remember (can barely remember to remember these days) to put it in my bag before I left.

So... here is some of what I captured. Mind you I was driving most of this so a lot of it is stoplight captures but reminds me of that day none the less.. and that was a good day so NO loss there! :)

When I got home I made this.. I ended up watching a movie called The Ramen Girl starring Brittany Murphy (rip lady ;/)..anyway I didn't think it would actually be very good, never heard of it or seen it in theaters and the plot description wasn't stunning but it ended up being a fantastic movie! (imo) Made me laugh, cry and make ramen! Which was all good because I have had a couple rough weeks and I needed ALL of that..