Sunday, August 15, 2010

Run Honey Run.

the pooch waiting on me to get ready, every weekend on Saturday her & I going to my grandparents for me to do laundry, hang out and chase lizards (strictly her). She loves going there and normally hangs out by the front door all Saturday morning waiting to go because she knows she can run freely (not so here at the apartment).

Even though we are coming to an end on this weekend, I look back on another wonderful one.. I have definitely learned to make the most out of every moment to maximize my weekend goodness! :]

as previously mentioned, I do the laundry and I utilize the line to hang my laundry whenever possible. There is something so warm and reminiscent about hanging laundry out to dry and shoving your face in freshly folded sun breeze dried towels is the it not?

filled up the bird bath.

Today we went to the mall (somewhere we haven't been in a considered amount of time) to pick up a new hat for Boy (he's pretty particular about his baseball hats so...) anyway, found some awesome deals on a couple things for him and ended up at TooJays Deli for lunch.

We also had latkes but they were downright sinful so I opt not to show :P

After that, Mr. Chef went off to work and I went to the grocery store.. and I was SO so so incredibly thirsty (it's ridiculously hot out these days) so when I got to the grocery store my very first mission was seeking out cold beverage... didn't want soda, already had way too much water, didn't want a smoothie or anything thick tasting.. spotted THIS and Just the right amount of sweet and icey cold. Perfect! I think I'll be putting more of this in my fridge!


Made2Order said...

lol " super tea ".. that's funny

girlichef said... POM anything! Gorgeous laundry & water pix. =)

mr. and mrs. said...

M2O... yea, I super shopped after that ;]

girli.. I don't have much but that was great! and thank yooou :)

Okwaho said... like the wind (:

Okwaho said...

you capture things so beautifully. I'm most impressed by your talent love.