Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Beauty.

dontcha just love the ear?

I've been trying to carry my camera with me everywhere I go.. mostly because half of the time I'm out and by out I don't mean anywhere necessarily specific... and I will see something I want to photograph and of course my camera is at the house which is not much help to me. So the other day I managed to remember (can barely remember to remember these days) to put it in my bag before I left.

So... here is some of what I captured. Mind you I was driving most of this so a lot of it is stoplight captures but reminds me of that day none the less.. and that was a good day so NO loss there! :)

When I got home I made this.. I ended up watching a movie called The Ramen Girl starring Brittany Murphy (rip lady ;/)..anyway I didn't think it would actually be very good, never heard of it or seen it in theaters and the plot description wasn't stunning but it ended up being a fantastic movie! (imo) Made me laugh, cry and make ramen! Which was all good because I have had a couple rough weeks and I needed ALL of that..

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Fashion Meets Food said...

I love pictures taken in the side mirror!