Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perfectly Quick.

I use to work for a lawyer and her office was across the street from a fantastic pizza place and they of course had little lunch combos for the working folk that surrounded the area.. one of my favorite things to get was a pita pizza & mini salad.. I normally got fresh tomato & garlic and when I was feeling really crazy (or having a crap day)...pepperoni!

So.. yes, I know... pizza on a pita is a fairly simple idea and I could have easily thrown it together AT work minus the fantastic wood oven crunch (minor detail).

But oddly enough, as simple as this concept is I hadn't ever made it at home and to have the ability to whip a pizza together and actually be EATING it in less than 10 minutes is a beautiful thing..

We threw.. I mean BOY threw a couple of these together today and they were absolutely delicious..


Siri said...

Poached egg on a pizza. YUM.

☺lani☺ said...

yum! I love pizza!

mr. and mrs. said...

Siri.. never had it until today, UHM it's awesome ;p

Lani.. Meeeeee too.. esp homemade! ;]

Fashion Meets Food said...

dang that looks insanely good!


mr. and mrs. said...

FMF... it was ;P Thanks!

mr. and mrs. said...

BoyChef - I was inspired to do a poached egg, since I have learned to make them perfect every time and I thoroughly enjoy the little tart/vinegar taste using my 'method'