Monday, March 01, 2010


So this weekend was somewhat of a blur.. yes, there were fireworks, amazing polenta, damn good bbq and even a quick walk on the beach but this weekend also consisted of staying up until 6AM both mornings and sleeping on and off in between there... no, we didnt stay up partying it hard both nights, just hung out really, spent time together, and the hours melted away..

It really was a slow, slow weekend that seem to blur in Monday, it was good but not sure Id do it quite that way was the longest day Ive had in a while, felt like a drunk zombie until about two this afternoon.

We caught this fireworks out of our living room window Friday night from a game that was going on at the stadium across the way.

Made this amazing polenta on Saturday and paired it with grilled chicken, ;]


Ana Popov said...

This cheesy polenta seems delicious! Thank you for visiting my blog (I am your new follower).

Fashion Meets Food said...

Wow that polenta looks absolutely divine girly!! yum yum!

Have a fabulous night!!!!

My delicious blog said...

Looks yummy! Pairing with grilled chicken is perfect!

-bcgw. said...

Ana.. Nice to meet you! ;]

FMF - Thannnnnk you!

MDB - It was and it was! Hah!

bonnie said...

Looks yummy!!