Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feature - Bella Bijou Jewelry.

Jewelry... funky, cute, friendly jewelry. This describes Bella Bijou on a whole. While on a northwest stint, the creator of Bella Bijou found herself jobless with plenty of free time on her hands. Being the smart, creative girl that she is, she cooked up the idea to put used goods to work. To quote her "I especially like the idea of making something special out of something that would be thrown away or cast aside and never appreciated. It's amazing what beauty you can make out of a piece of trash!"

I couldn't agree more! I also must say she has created a fantastic piece of jewelry that can literally suit any mood, any style and ANY outfit, you could really make these earrings work with heels or sneakers, they are fantastic!

As well as using otherwise discarded bottle caps for her jewelry, most of the designs come from old magazines left to collect dust or some which have already hit the garbage, while the Bella Bijou's creator admits to dumpster diving on's ok, it's for the greater good!

Here are a couple of her favorite designs:

In the future, Bella Bijou plans to expand to bracelets, magnets & necklaces....I cannot wait!

Please go and check her out, she's a cool chick with a wonderful idea to make beauty post trash.

*photos by Bella Bijou.


bonnie said...

These are so cute, thanks for the link!!


Soap After Dark said...

Ok, you are personally responsible if those earrings become a new addiction for me LOL They are SOOO COOL!