Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lucky Me.

I'm lucky in a lot of ways... one imparticular is having Boy in my life, we have been thru a lot of very tough issues but I could not be more in love with the man I married.. and he proves why every day. One day last week was an especially sucky day.. last week as a whole wasn't super but I kinda had the funk all week, one particular day I came home early from work.. horrible headache, bit of a fever.. all over crappy.

I slept from about noon to 4, got up for a shower and went back to bed.. finally got up again at 7 and actually felt partly normal.. Boy knew I was having a rough one so he made me one of my favorite kind of dinners, whipped up a frozen raspberry slurpee for me and turned on a Seinfeld episode... I mean seriously... does it get better?

all wonton cups, filled with spicy chicken salad, dill chicken salad and monterey jack cheese & raspberry jam.


previously mentioned yummy drink.