Thursday, March 19, 2009


I use to not be so keen about the sun, and it's not like I soak up hours in it right now either but one of my favorite moments, whether on the weekend or weekdays is opening the blinds up in the morning on our sliding glass doors and letting the sun pour into the house and fill the room, then stepping outside onto the porch, concrete warm and inviting beneath my feet.. aaaaah..

I love to take food out there and lounge in the warmth.. now, what would be a good idea to take out in the sun and munch on? A wonderfully spicy, cold pasta salad..and when made correctly - one of my favorite things to eat.

roasted chicken, corn, carrotts, onions, spicy cream dressing, including siracha topped with a squeeze of lemon juice

jumbo bumble bee approaching it's dinner

pink snap dragons also enjoying the sun

puppy girl enjoying the sun


girlichef said...

nice! love the pic of puppy girl.. looks nostalgic (?sp)...pasta looks fab, too.

Chef E said...

Fabulous as always girl...what is boy chef cooking lately? Love the flowers and bee's!

Tangled Noodle said...

Great combo - spicy and cool! The pasta salad looks great; I really need to get a bottle of sriracha. The photos make me hopeful that we'll see signs of spring soon. And what's better than a sweet pup sunning herself?

- bcgw. said...

girli - thank you!!

ms. e - thank you, and he actually put that pasta together, and he made a killer french onion soup the other night but i havent got a chance to mess with those photos yet!

tn- Spring is my new found favorite time of year.. I never had much use for it, until I got my own yard! ..and yes, the precious princess - doing what she does could you not love her?

girlichef said...

i left you an award on my blog... :)

Jennifer said...

I love your pictures!!