Monday, March 09, 2009


gorgeous antique shelby.. pristine interior. where's my scarf clark?

Our day out at the tracks.. it was the NMRA Nitto Spring Break Shoot Out in Bradenton.. now, as many of you probably do not know, I'm obsessed, head over heels, in.. love with Mustangs, not just any ole' girl, but the beautiful, sleek stangs that command your eyes and ears, so where to be more at home than at the mustang races.

Boy's never been and I was so excited to take him, you could hear them dueling as we pulled into the parking lot.. I was literally jumping up and down like a 5 year old and he was perking up, as if to say "Hmm... I just might like this."

After 4 or so hours of pounding sun, rip racing engines, a jet dragster, mingling thru show cars, people, and enough exhaust fumes to get to high for days we headed home, pictures and appetites on board. Oh btw, Boy loved it!

We stopped for what seemed like a natural choice, BBQ =)

Boy tried corn nuggets for the first time.. yes, I understand, it sounds without doubt the most redneck thing you could ever pop into your mouth, and it quite possibly is..but c'mon now.. fried cream corn.. ? It's just ONE of those things.. you just have to go on and commit food fraud every once in a while.

the awesome elaine larsen, jet engine racer.

ms. larsen, and her jet engine dragster. first time i've actually met her, she was so incredibly nice.

i think this is a steeda, can't remember. but gorgeous, yes?

03/04 pulling up to race.

now thats my girl, a beautiful roush.

pulling out of the water box.


Tangled Noodle said...

The cars are nice but what's this about corn nuggets?

- bcgw. said...

Haha.. it's basically cream corn that's fried into a little nugget, and down here we dip them in southern ketchup - ranch dressing =P

It's so good.. my husband must have told the waitress 3 or 4 times how awesome they were, as she insisted he try them!

girlichef said...

Looks like fun...and um,I totally want a corn nugget! :) Do u have a recipe?