Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy as a bee.

Yes, I have been.. we are moving into our new house tomorrow, well at least the big stuff is.. so the past few days have been spent prepping, cleaning, painting.. all in between going to work as well.. so it's been a long week already and the heavy lifting comes tomorrow.. It's all worth it though, I will be so happy to get out of our transitional apartment into a larger space..with yardage =) I haven't completely hated living in our apartment but there have most definitely been some close quarters issues not to mention we didn't pick the most up to date living arrangements as we were looking for something close to Boy's work and something available ASAP, so it will also be wonderful to be in a home where everything works. I want to laugh at that.. but I can't, yet.. Recent, misc pictures below..

puppy girl enjoying napping on grandma's couch..

what to do for yourself after a day of painting,scraping,scrubbing, cleaning? order take out from your favorite place. that, my friends, best chicken parm EVER. ...ever.

meant to post this a week or so ago.. one of my good friends' little girl inspecting new puppies.

yes, thats frost, yes, this is FL.

couldn't believe it.


Sheila said...

Congrats on the new home. It sounds like things are looking up for you!

Frost in Florida, that's a bummer. It has been extremely cold here in VA but yesterday it got up to 50, just like a spring day. Unfortunately no snow has come our way except a dusting.

Sarahs MoM said...

Brooksville had flurries!

Tangled Noodle said...

Congratulations on your new home. We were apartment dwellers for 14 years before finally finding our own place and it feels great! And babies and puppies are just the most adorable!